Welfare Schemes For Indian Diaspora Youth

Know India Programmes  (KIP):-

Know India Programmes  (KIP) is a three week orientation programme for diaspora youth between the age of 18-26 years and the participants are selected on the basis of nominations received from Indian Missions/Posts abroad. Every year 2/3 batches consisting of about 35 participants each attend the programme. The programme is conducted to promote awareness on different facets of India and the progress made by India in industry, economy, infrastructure, higher education, art and culture etc.Besides attachments with key Institutions in Delhi, they also undertake field visits to places of historical/cultural importance . The participants also visit a state in India for one week besides meeting various constitutional authorities, i.e. CEC, C & AG etc. GOI provides local hospitality and 90% of the airfares to participants. MOIA has organized 19 Know India Programmes (KIP) and now 20Know India Programmes have been conducted and 623 overseas Indian youth have participated in this programme so far.

  Tracing the Roots.

                  Under this scheme, PIOs desirous of tracing their roots in India may fill up the prescribed application form enclosing relevant information/ documents available with them and deposit it with the concerned Indian Mission located in that country along with a fee of Rs.30,000/-. Based on the details furnished by the applicant, MOIA will entrust the job of tracing the roots to an agency empanelled with it who in turn may take the help of the concerned State Govt./District Admn. etc. to successfully complete the job.The traced details of roots in India, i.e. name of close surviving relative(s); place of origin of their forefathers (paternal and maternal side); and a possible family tree, are made available to the applicant. In case the attempt is not successful, the Indian Mission is authorized to refund Rs 20,000/- to the applicant.

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Scholarship Programme for Diaspora   Children (SPDC):-

                 Scholarship Programme for Diaspora Children (SPDC) was introduced in the academic year 2006-2007 with the objective to make higher education in India accessible to the children of overseas Indians and promote India as a centre for higher studies.  Under the scheme, 100 PIO/NRI students are awarded scholarship of up to US$ 4,000 per annum for undergraduate courses in Engineering, Technology, Humanities, Liberal Arts, Commerce, Management, Journalism, Hotel Management, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and some other courses.

            This is open to NRIs/PIOs from over 40 countries having substantial Indian Diaspora population and candidates are selected based on the nominations received by Indian Missions in these countries. So far 468 Indian Diaspora children have been awarded with Scholarship under this programme.

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