Water supply projects for Chennai city.

The Central Government has approved a proposal for 10 new projects for providing comprehensive water supply to various areas of Chennai city. These projects were approved by the Union Ministry of Urban Development. These projects include water supply scheme for Pallikarani, Chinnasekkadu, Puzhal, Surapattu, Puthagaram, Kathirvedu, Vadaperumabakkam, Theeyambakkam, Edayanchavadi, Sadayankuppam, Kadapakkam, Palavakkam, Mugalivakkam, Manali, Kotivakkam, and Perungudi. These projects have been sanctioned at an approved cost of Rs. 27114.11 lakhs. The Central Government will contribute 35% towards the total cost.

Borewells is the primary source of water in many of these areas. At other places, majority of the existing distribution systems in these areas are very old and not sufficient to carry the required water to the population. Water connections are also not metered. Also, there is prevalence of high water loss in the distribution network. The projects aim to improve the quality and quantity of service, water metering, reduction in leakages and energy consumption and enhancement in customer satisfaction and revenues to water supply organizations.

The projects will also ensure that the distribution pipeline network reaches out to the maximum population. Also, since the population for these areas is increasing there is a demand for an increased supply of water, which is aimed to be provided through these new water supply projects sanctioned by the Ministry of Urban Development.

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