US Denies Javelin Missile Technology to India

The India-US deal to procure javelin missile for the Indian Army is delayed due to reluctance by the Americans to offer the critical technology of the missile to India and the unwillingness to take part in field trials.

javelin missle

India is planning to acquire these third-generation anti-tank guided missiles for modernising its more than 350 Infantry units and provide them the capability to destroy enemy armoured regiments.

The US is not agreeing to provide critical technologies of the missile demanded by India and has also shown reluctance to make available the missiles for being evaluated by Indian experts in the field trials..

Till the time these issues are sorted out, it would be difficult for the Indian side to proceed further on the deal, they said.

“The Javelin JV stands ready to respond to all requests of the Indian government relating to the evaluation and procurement of the combat-proven missile while ensuring it adheres to a US and Indian governments’ agreement.”

The Javelin missile is manufactured by a JV of Raytheon and Lockheed Martin but sold to global customers through the US government under the Foreign Military Sales route.

The company said the missile was a superior solution on offer to the Indian Army and  as “worth the wait as the two governments continue discussions.”

Javelin along with the Israeli Spike missile was planned to be evaluated by India for the requirements of its infantry units.

The denial of dual-use items by the US to various laboratories under the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) was a key issue for discussion between the two sides.

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DRDO chief V K Saraswat had recently said US President Barack Obama’s assurance on removal of DRDO from the entities list and easing exports of dual use items had only remained on paper.

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