TRAI plans standardisation of mobile data

Draft policy for regulating wireless data services by mobile operators has been released for inviting comments, objections and suggestions

Browsing Internet is set to become a soothing experience. Users of mobile data or wireless broadband services may soon be having real-time high speed web-browsing, video streaming and live chats. The phase of prolonged latency (zero date download/upload for longer period) would be over.

Moved by growing number of complaints regarding poor delivery of data through wireless technology (3-G and wireless broadband access) by mobile operators, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has set in the process for finalising the standard benchmark for data service to regulate mobile data service.

Though the quality of voice and messaging services of all mobile operators are being audited regularly, data service, which of late received phenomenal growth in subscribers’ base after the launch of 3-G services, remained unregulated so far.

As a result, mobile operators hardly paid any significant attention towards ensuring quality service as assured to the customers.

Once the regulation is notified, service providers would not have any excuse for degraded speed of data upload/download as promised by them.

As per the draft regulation, quality of service would be assessed on different parametres such as service activation, successful data transmission download attempts, minimum download speed, average throughput for packet data, latency and service disconnection due to link failures.

The proposed regulation would enable TRAI to set up or appoint technical team to monitor the speed and quality of data being offered to subscribers in different areas and slap fines on operators for their slackness.

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