TN to digitise all police stations’ records

Upon completion, police officers across the state will be able to access information related to criminals through a new network

Tamil Nadu’s Police Department is planning to digitise all cases handled and disposed as well as store all pending cases in a digital format.

The digitisation aims to make the police records available through an exclusive network to officers employed in all police stations across the state.

The centre and the state will fund the Rs113 crore digitisation project.

The state government already tested a pilot project in Tiruvallur district, while data entry work was being carried out in the Coimbatore City Police Commissionerate and the districts of Ariyalur and Sivaganga.

As part of the digitisation program, the state government will provide police stations with computers and other equipment in addition to creation of new network that is expected to reduce manual work.

With the digitisation in place, police will be able to access details of the accused using the network as well as even fingerprints as they would be integrated to the system.

The state is also planning to integrate the new network with prisons to get real-time information about the release of accused to help local police monitor their movement.

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