Task Force on e-commerce


Task force on e-commerce

To give shape to the fast-growing e-commerce sector and to regulate it.

Prerequisite for e- commerce Business 

Taxation, infrastructure, investments, data protection, competition, and technology transfert, data flows, server localisation, intellectual property rights, FDI, and trade-related issues

There has been an exponential growth of e-commerce sector. The domestic industry is going to grow and So we must try to promote it and for that there is a need for a policy.

Task Force on e-commerce – Objective

To create a new framework for national policy on e-commerce. It was constituted under the chairmanship of Commerce and Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu.

The objective is to come out with a framework for an e-commerce policy

The task force will come out with a set of recommendations which would be brought before the think tank in five months.

The policy is important in view of the issues being faced by the domestic industry.

A detailed national policy on the sector would help India in articulating its stand on e-commerce at the World Trade Organization (WTO)

For e-commerce, digital infrastructure to flourish in India, we need to have robust connectivity infrastructure. Fortunately, we have large telecom players and 1.2 billion connections and 400 million Internet users, huge amount of data flow taking place.

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