Tamil Nadu – Solar Energy Policy 2012

The chief minister made an announcement about fresh guidelines that would probably seek 3000 MW of power to tap, in the coming three years entirely through solar energy. The course of action is expected to produce  1000 MW each year till 2015.

Launching the scheme will give confidence to fit solar panels in houses as well as in government and local bodies which will be considered to be the most significant arrangement of the scheme.

In addition to this, drinking water system and street light facilities will also be arranged with the introduction of solar energy in government buildings and local bodies.

“Large industries and large-scale power consumers can only utilize limited percentage of power that will be obtained through solar energy.

The government has also announced to provide certain facilities to the manufacturers of solar energy apparatus like permitting the roof top plant of solar systems in order to put the excess energy inside the grid, keeping out electricity tax and power cuts.

Intending the state of Tamil Nadu to be in the forefront in the field of solar power generation the policy has been designed, said government sources. In an attempt to make use of the 300 hot sunlit days in a year, the state government has unveiled the new Solar Energy Policy, through which it aims to produce over 3000 MW of power, entirely from solar power in the coming three years.

Initiating the new proposal, the Tamil Nadu government has named it, Tamil Nadu Solar Energy Policy 2012.

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