Steps taken to address Anaemia among Pregnant Women

Under the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) and within its umbrella the Reproductive & Child Health Programme, the treatment of nutritional anaemia among pregnant women is an important intervention. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has taken several steps to tackle anaemia in the pregnant women include:

·                    Universal screening of pregnant women for anaemia is a part of ante-natal care and all pregnant women are provided iron and folic acid tablets during their ante-natal visits through the existing network of sub-centers and primary health centres and other health facilities as well as through outreach activities at Village Health & Nutrition Days (VHNDs). 

·                    Every pregnant woman is given 100 tablets of iron and folic acid, after the first trimester, to be taken 1 tablet daily and same is continued during the post natal period. Pregnant women, who are found to be clinically anaemic, are given additional 100 tablets for taking two tablets daily. This has been now expanded to 6 month during ANC and 6 month during PNC.

·                   Government of India has given directions to the States for identification and tracking of severely anaemic cases at all the sub centres and PHCs for their timely management.
·                    Health and nutrition education through IEC & BCC to promote dietary diversification, inclusion of iron folate rich food as well as food items that promotes iron absorption.  
·                    To tackle the problem of anemia due to malaria particularly in pregnant women and children, Long Lasting Insecticide Nets (LLINs) and Insecticide Treated Bed Nets (ITBNs) are being distributed in endemic areas.
·                    Both the Health management information system & Mother Child tracking system are reporting the cases of anemic and severely anemic pregnant women.
·                    184 High Priority Districts (HPDs) have been identified and prioritized for Reproductive Maternal Newborn Child Health+ Adolescent (RMNCH+A) interventions for achieving improved maternal and child health outcomes. 
·                    Safe Motherhood Booklet is being distributed to the pregnant women for educating them on dietary diversification and promotion of consumption of IFA.

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