Steps Taken for Protection of Elephants

                       Efforts are made to protect and increase the elephant population in the country.  The Central Government is releasing funds for protection and conservation of elephants in the country under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Project Elephant.  The Elephant range states have taken various activities to mitigate Man-Elephant conflict, improvement of Elephant Habitat, restoration of Elephant Corridors and various awareness programmes under the scheme.  Some of the activities are as follows:

1)    Habitat improvements and restoration of Elephant Corridors in PE Range states under PE Scheme (CSS) 

2)    Infrastructure improvement in Elephant Reserves for effective management of elephant population.

3)    Anti depredation squads, anti poaching squads and trekkers are engaged for protection of elephants.

4)    To restrict menace of elephants to human habitations, solar fencing, trenches and stone waling are being provided in the depredation prone localities.

5)    Studies on various issues such as man animal conflict, carrying capacity of elephant habitat are encouraged.

6)    Awareness programme among the local villagers are taken to minimize the loss of life of the wild elephants.

7)    For better management of Wild Elephants, 28 Elephant Reserves have been established by the states. 

8)    To secure the future of the elephants in India, the Ministry of Environment and Forests has constituted an Elephant Task Force which has submitted its report “Gajah” to the Ministry in 2010.

9)    To monitor and review the CSS scheme of PE, a steering committee has been constituted by the Ministry. 

10)    As per one of the decisions in the 6th meeting of NBWL, a committee for strengthening of Elephant Reserves and elephant corridors has been constituted in January, 2013.

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11)    As per one of the Elephant Task Force recommendations, creation of National Elephant Conservation Authority (NECA) is under process.

12)    Joint advisories have been issued by Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) and Ministry of Railways (MoRs) to all the concerned states to avoid deaths of elephants by speeding trains.

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