Steps for Improvement of Tribal People

          Various schemes of Government of India aim to bring about improvement in the quality of life of the Scheduled Tribes (STs). Policies of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, the nodal Ministry for overall development of the Scheduled Tribes, focus on the integrated socio-economic development of the Scheduled Tribes.

          The Ministry provides grants to the State/Union Territories under Special Central Assistance to the Tribal Sub-Plan and under Article 275(1) for socio-economic development of the STs and for creation of infrastructure in tribal areas. Several Centrally Sponsored Schemes and Central Sector Schemes are also implemented by the Ministry for ensuring education, coaching, skill upgradation, training facilities to the STs. The list of the schemes is given below.    

Schemes of Ministry of Tribal Affairs

Name of Schemes

A       Special Area Programs (SAP)

1 SCA to Tribal Sub-Plan

2    Article 275(1) of the Constitution

B     Central Sector Schemes(CS)

1    Grant-in-Aid to NGOs for STs including Coaching & Allied Scheme and Award for Exemplary Service

2    Vocational Training Centres in Tribal Areas

3    Strengthening of Education among ST girls in low literacy Districts

4    Market Development of Tribal Products/ Produce

5    Grant-in-aid to State Tribal Development Cooperative Corporations for Minor Forest Produce

6    Development of Particularly Vulnerable Tribal (PTG)

7    Support to National/State Scheduled Tribes Finance & Development Corporations

8    Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship for ST Students

9    Scheme of Institute of Excelence/Top class institute

10    National Overseas Scholarship Scheme

C    Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS)

1    Scheme of PMS, Book Bank and Upgradation of Merit of ST students 

2    New Scheme of Pre Matric Scholarship for ST students

3    Scheme of Hostels for ST Girls and Boys 

4    Establishment of Ashram Schools

5    Research Information & Mass Education , Tribal Festival and Others

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