Sports promotion pan India

SAI takes one more step forward in strengthening its schemes after a considered and detailed review of all verticals leading to sports promotion pan India

Sports Authority of India (SAI), on assuming charge created the road map while previewing the deliverables of SAI decided to strengthen all verticals such as Nutrition, infrastructure, scientific support and Personnel.

Sports Authority of India (SAI) has taken the initiative of increasing the dietary allowance of Trainees of SAI Sports Promotional Schemes. SAI currently operates three in-house schemes to promote excellence in sports, namely SAI Training Centres (STCs), Special Area Games (SAGs) and Centre of Excellence (COEs).

While the former two schemes focus on junior –level sportspersons, the COE acts as a constant pool of highly skilled sportspersons from where players for national teams can be sourced. In addition, SAI also operates the National Sports Talent Contest (NSTC) Scheme in adopted schools for Sub-juniors and the Army Boys Sports Companies (ABSC) Scheme in collaboration with the Indian Army.

This amend will come into effect from March 1, 2013. Each trainee of ABSC, STC and SAG scheme in Special Category States (North East, Sikkim, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal) will be provided diet @Rs 200/- per day which has been increased from Rs 140. For the remaining states / UT’s, the dietary provision would be @ Rs. 175/ per trainee per day which sees an increase of Rs 50. However for trainees of COEs, dietary provision has been increased from Rs 175 to Rs. 225/- per day pan India and for the NSTC schemes the present sanction is Rs.125/- per day which saw an increase of Rs 50 per day per person.

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his frontward step will benefit 7479 residential SAI trainees across the country. SAI has currently 52 trainees in 17 adopted schools under the NSTC Scheme; 1005 trainees in 15 ABSCs; 4393 trainees in 58 STCs; 1693 trainees in 20 SAG Centres and 336 trainees in 10 COE

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