Social Security Scheme for Anganwadi Workers

The Government launched the Anganwadi Karyakartri BimaYojana w.e.f 1.4.2004 in association with the Life Insurance Corporation of India as a welfare measure for the benefit of Anganwadi Workers.  The Scheme is operated through the Social Security Group Scheme of LIC. 

The salient features of the Anganwadi Karyakartri BimaYojana are as under:-

i.              The Scheme is applicable to all AWWs and Helpers in the age group of 18-59 years;

ii.             The premium under the Scheme is Rs.280/- per annum per member.  The breakup is as under:

ü    Rs.100/- from Social Security Fund of LIC

ü    Rs.100/- by the Government of India

ü    Rs.80/- by the Anganwadi Worker/ Helper (additional for male critical illness of the insured member).  The premium of Rs.80/- payable by these workers towards critical illness has been waived off till 31.3.2013.

iii     The Scheme provides the following benefits:-

ü    Natural Death    Rs.30,000/-

ü    Accident benefit:

Ø    Death/ Total permanent disability Rs.75000

Ø    Partial Permanent disability          Rs.37500

ü    Female Critical Illness (FCI) Benefits: An amount of Rs.20,000/- is payable on the diagnosis of invasive cancers (malignant tumour) manifest in the following organs (subject to proof of affliction satisfactory to Corporation).

Ø    Breast

Ø    Cervix Uteri

Ø    Corpus Uteri

Ø    Ovaries

Ø    Fallopian Tubes

Ø    Vina /Vulva

ü    Shiksha Sahayog

A free add-on scholarship benefit is available for the children of AWWs and AWHs.  Scholarship of Rs.300/- per quarter for students 9th to 12 Standard (including ITI courses) is available but it is limited to two children per family.

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