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Smart Gram is the initiative of the President of India

President of India while inaugurated the Smart Gram initiative in the  RB smart township model should be replicated in five selected villages in adjoining districts in NCR to convert them into smart model villages.

The Haryana government selected the following five villages for the pilot project:

No. Name of village Name of block Name of district Population
1 Daulha Sohna Gurgaon 3260
2 Alipur Sohna Gurgaon 3300
3 Harchandpur Sohna Gurgaon 3500
4 Taj Nagar Farrukhnagar Gurgaon 2695
5 Rojka Meo Nuh Mewat 3935

Vision of SmartGram

Smart village is a humane, hi-tech and happy village which ensures an enhanced quality of life that contributes to the harmony, happiness and well-being of all the villagers.

A smart gram would have the required basic physical and social infrastructure with a layer of smart information and communication embedded in the infrastructure to improve governance and delivery of services, livelihood and economic opportunities.

Our focus is on creating a sustainable and inclusive development model that can be easily replicated. This model is based on the convergence of resources and effort by the central government, state government, district administration, panchayati raj institutions, public sector, private sector and enlightened villagers.

Obective of Smart Gram

(i) Basic amenities i.e. potable water, regular electricity supply, sanitation and solid waste management, clean fuel for cooking, sustainable mobility and housing;

(ii) Integrated healthcare at affordable prices through the setting up of e-Doctor Clinics and smart gram wellness centres;

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(iii) Education and skill development through quality enhancement of education in schools and setting up of smart gram training centres in each village for continuous up-gradation of skills based on the needs of the village and by creating a skill development hub at Udyog Kunj to cater to the skill needs of the area;

(iv) Improvement in governance and service delivery through the use of IT connectivity and digitization by setting up of Common Services Centres (CSCs);

(v) Creating livelihood opportunities by setting up Rural Economic Zones (REZs).

Haryana Govt under SMARTGRAM Initiatied at all the five villages. Schemes were Construction of Road, electric supply, Smartgram wellness centre, Common servivice centre, water ATM, Gramalaya. Etc.

Works done under Smartgram Initiative in the villages has been classified into projects, programmes and skill development.

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