PDO will take internet to the masses

Public Date Office

C-DOT’s Public Data Office, PDO will take internet to the masses

As telecommunication and networking is expanding its boundaries and voice based network are getting changed to data oriented networks.

PDO  has launched by the government of India and it will go a long way in providing internet access to the rural masses at affordable cots. This programme will help in boosting Digital India and will bridge the gap between haves and have nots. Which is truly a revolution of in the journey from PCO to PDO.

India has planned 100 smart cities and it is necessary to take care of our citizens in terms of quality of life, security and well-being. Standardisation of machine to machine communication will ensure that there is participation of many players in realization of smart city ICT infrastructure and it will be a platform on which new applications like e-health, e-traffic control, e-waste management, e-mandi, e-education and many other new applications will evolve.

It is good trend that European standard development organization is collaborating with Indian telecom standard development organization who are developing standards and a premier telecom R&D institution like C-DOT is developing systems on these standards. It is an important direction for standard way of implementing smart sensor and applications for a Smart City.

Highlights of Public Data Office- PDO

C-DOT PDO is ready to bring yet another revolution by taking internet connectivity to every nook and corner of the country like it did in the 1980s when PCOs changed the Indian telecom scene in by taking telephones to rural India.

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PDOs would bring next telecom revolution by taking internet connectivity to the masses.

Like PCOs, the PDOs would enable small shop owners increase their income by selling data vouchers.

This will also encourage village-level entrepreneurship and provide strong employment opportunities, especially in rural and semi urban areas.


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