Project 28

Project 28 is the primary project for driving localisation and developing the warship construction industry in India.

The aim with this project is to stipulate unprecedented standards while providing opportunities to Indian vendors to develop expertise with the technology.

The Project 28 corvettes are 2500-tonne warships that will protect Indian Navy battle groups and coastal installations from lurking enemy submarines.
In the deadly cat-and-mouse game between ASW corvettes and submarines, the stealthier vessel is usually the winner, detecting and destroying its opponent after sneaking up undetected.
The challenge of Project 28 has been to minimise vibrations and noise from the ship’s machinery, propellers, and from water swirling past the hull.
NamePennantLaid downLaunchedCommissionedHome-port
INSKamortaP 2811/20/20064/19/201023 August 2014Visakhapatnam
INSKadmattP 299/27/200724 October 2011Mid 2015To be decided
INSKiltanP 3010 August 201026 March 20139/1/2016
INSKavarattiP 311/20/20125/19/2015Before end 2017

Under the Maritime Capabilities Perspective Plan 2022’s indigenous construction component, the Navy would acquire two Cadet Training Ships, five more offshore patrol vessels (OPV) to add to the four already ordered from Goa Shipyard Ltd, three LPDs, seven Project 17A FFGs, six SSKs under Project 75(I), eight guided-missile corvettes under Project 28A (to add to the four Project 28 ASW vessels being built by Garden Reach Shipbuilding & Engineering), eight GRP-hulled MCMVs, and another integrated aircraft carrier.

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