Pinaka Rocket System

India will soon carry out a series of tests of its indigenous multi-barrel rocket system Pinaka’s advanced, upgraded version.

The tests are likely to be conducted off Chandipur test range on Odisha coast off the eastern seaboard.


The tests are considered to be very important from the rocket systems’ development point of view, as it will validate the efficacy of new components and technological advancements in the weapon.

Once the tests are successful, the new, advanced Pinaka will form part of the Indian Army’s artillery inventory in the later part of this year, as full-fledged manufacturing of the system will go full steam.

Pinaka systems, developed by DRDO, are a key weapon system of the Indian Army’s plans for a “pro-active warfare strategy” against its adversaries in a limited war scenario to unleash a firepower on enemy fighting forces.

The rocket system is to give the Indian Army an edge in such a warfare scenario in view of the weapon’s high rate of fire and quick reaction time.

The advanced system will gradually replace the existing inventory of artillery systems in key formations, particularly those with offensive elements.

The rocket launcher, which is also known as the Weapon Area System (WAS), can fire rockets up to 40 km range and can launch 12 rockets with 1.2 tonne of high explosives every 40 seconds. Its warheads can range from blast-cum-pre-fragmented high explosives to anti-tank armour penetrating systems.

Meanwhile, the DRDO has carried out a test of its advanced Cannon-launched Laser Guided Missile (CLGM) from the Integrated Test Range at Balasore.

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DRDO test fired three rounds of the missile from a specially built launcher at ITR’s Complex-II. The trial, conducted during a low tide period, was successful with the missile destroying the intended target.


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