Permission to Private Sector for Uranium Mining

The private sector companies in the country have not sent any proposal to the Government for approval of Uranium mining ;

Uranium is a “prescribed substance” under the Atomic Energy Act 1962. Handling of “prescribed substances” has been regulated both under the “Atomic Energy Act 1962”, and the “Atomic Energy (working of mines, minerals and handling of prescribed substances) Rules 1984”, under which no person shall mine, mill, process and/or handle any ore mineral or other material from which any one or more of the prescribed substances can be extracted, without obtaining a licence from the licensing authority (appointed by Central Government). Further, the subject of “Atomic Energy” has, since the inception of India’s industrial policy in 1948, been always reserved for the exclusive domain of the Government; and hence only the Central Government and its Public Sector Undertakings (PSU) only are permitted for exploration, mining, processing etc. of Uranium. Further, the “New Exploration Licensing Policy” (NELP) was enunciated by Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, and is applicable only for the Hydro-carbon sector in the country. In view of the above, there is, at present, no proposal to give licence or permission to private sector companies for exploration and mining of Uranium in the country

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