Nomadic Elephant

Indian Army will also be participating in joint military exercise called ‘Nomadic Elephant’ with the Mongolian Army in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. The idea is to hone skills in counter-insurgency operations and increase synergy between the two armies. The drill will also focus especially on the needs of peacekeeping missions under the UN flag.
The ‘Nomadic Elephant’ exercise will witness the participation of 44 specially selected troops from the Jat Regiment of the Indian Army. The Mongolian Army will be represented by 38 personnel and for over 10 days they will participate in several counter insurgency and counter terrorism operations in Belgaum, Army officials said here. The joint exercise will also aim at conducting special sessions to modernise Mongolian Defence establishment.
India and Mongolia held their first joint exercise in 2004 and the joint drills are being held every year. While the joint drills were held at the Mizoram-based Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School (CIJWS) at Vairnagte in 2005, the next drill was conducted in Mongolia in 2008.

Besides the joint exercises, the two nations have also successfully been conducting visits and exchanges of senior military officials Last year, India and Mongolia also established a joint working group to plan details of defence cooperation, including holding regular joint exercises.

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