Netherlands to set up 10 COEs in India

Centers of excellence to help raise agriculture outputs

The Dutch government is jointly working with its counterpart in India to set up ten centres of excellence (CoEs) across the country to help raise agriculture outputs.

Of these 10 CoEs, Gujarat may house a CoE on potato or horticulture. In Gujarat, we are exploring a CoE for potatoes or horticulture while in Kerala it will be set up for horticulture. Similarly, in North-East we are exploring a centre for cattle, pork while in other states it will be set up for banana ripening, dairy and piggery.

“As India is looking to double its food production, it has to intensify its agriculture to enhance output but at the same time prevent losses in the food supply chain,” he said, adding that the Indo-Dutch joint initiative is about Indian and Dutch authorities along with the private sector sharing technology know-how and developing skills to double food output.

India and the Netherlands are very important economic partners for each other. India is the fifth largest source of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the Netherlands and the same is the case of Netherlands which is also the fifth large source of FDI in India

India’s exports to the Netherlands are around 10 billion Euros a year while its imports from the Netherlands are nearly 3.5 billion Euros a year.

“India has an advantage of 6.5 billion Euros but we are also looking at reducing this gap,” he said, adding that Indo-Dutch relations are over 400 years old.

“Netherlands identifies India as an important economic partner and we believe that India will be the biggest talent pool in the world.

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