National Safe Motherhood Day

national safe motherhood day
national safe motherhood day

April 11th is observed as

National Safe Motherhood Day is observed on April 11 every year. National Safe Motherhood Day is an initiative of the White Ribbon Alliance India (WRAI), to enforce that women must have the availability and adequate access to care during Pregnancy childbirth and postnatal services.

At the request of WRAI, an alliance of 1800 organizations, in 2003, the Government of India declared April 11th, the anniversary of Kasturba Gandhi’s birth, as National Safe Motherhood Day.

India is the first country in the world to have officially declared a National Safe Motherhood Day.

Every year WRAI members select a nationwide advocacy theme for Safe Motherhood Day, and WRAI members carry out activities and full-scale campaigns throughout the country. The goal of these annual campaigns, launched on National Safe Motherhood Day, is to increase awareness that every woman has a right to live and survive pregnancy and childbirth.

In addition to campaigning together, NGOs, members, and state chapters come together on National Safe Motherhood Day to share technical expertise and resources.

Maternal deaths can be prevented in the following ways.

  • Ensuring delivery by qualified and skilled birth attendant.
  • Reducing anemia among women during adolescence and child-bearing age.
  • Educating women on nutrition during pregnancy.
  • To inform women about family  planning and safe methods.
  • Improving antenatal care.
  • Education on the importance of breast feeding.
  • Providing postnatal care for mothers for pain and infections, excessive bleeding and postnatal nutrition.
  • Preventing child marriage.
  • Improving education for the girl child.
  • Providing immunization and other disease prevention methods.
  • Early detection and management of complications of birth.
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The are listed as:

  • Family planning
  • Antenatal care
  • Obstetric care – clean and safe delivery
  • Prenatal care
  • Postnatal care
  • Control of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV infections

The pillars of Safe Motherhood are built on the strong foundations of:

  • Communication and education of women for behavior change.
  • Primary health care for women and newborn.
  • Equality for women.

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