National Programme for prevention and control of viral Hepatitis


· To establish laboratory network for laboratory based surveillance of viral hepatitis in different geographical locations of India.

· To ascertain the prevalence of different types of viral hepatitis in different zones of the country.

· To provide laboratory support for outbreak investigation of hepatitis through established network of laboratories.

· To develop technical material for generating awareness among healthcare providers and in the community about waterborne and blood borne hepatitis.


· Establishment of laboratory based surveillance for viral hepatitis in the country for collection of data. Development of testing and surveillance guidelines and its dissemination.

· A total of 10 labs will be strengthened by the end of 12th Five Year Plan

· Training of manpower/health care providers in 10 regional labs including NCDC i.e. the reference lab.

· A total of 10 working group meetings and 10 technical advisory group meetings will be conducted

· Development of IEC for providers and community.

· Establishment of baseline data for hepatitis to see the impact


· Development of surveillance of viral hepatitis

  • Surveillance for prevalence of viral hepatitis in various geographical regions: Concept Plan has been developed to carry out Surveillance for prevention and control of viral hepatitis in various geographical regions and will initiate surveillance through 10 laboratory network in a phase manner.

·A handbook on Safe Injection Practices guidelines has been developed as a part of IEC for prevention and control of blood transmitted pathogens and has been circulated to different states.

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