National Higher Education Qualification Framework for Mobility of Students in Higher Education

The Central Advisory Board on Education resolved that a CABE Committee will be constituted to examine the formulation of a National Higher Education Qualification Framework (NHEQF). It will submit its recommendations within a period of six months. The CABE in its 61st meeting in the Capital appreciated the proposal to develop a National Higher Education Qualification Framework which would facilitate the mobility of students in higher education.

The essential purpose of the NHEQF is to provide the broad framework within which universities and other degree-awarding educational institutions could develop the syllabi that they consider relevant thereby using their academic autonomy to the fullest extent in a responsible manner and without adversely affecting the horizontal and vertical mobility of students.

The NHEQF may provide a comprehensive indicator of all learning achievements within and across different disciplines and shall represent a consensus of views of all stakeholders. Accordingly, it shall provide a basis for monitoring and regulating the quality and compatibility of higher education across institutions. It may thus become a single system of levels for all qualifications offered by higher educational institutions across all disciplines thereby making higher education qualification comparable nationally and internationally.

Another distinctive feature of the NHEQF is making the programmes of studies modular, thereby permitting accreditation or certification of a component, part of the larger qualification. Thus, the NHEQF would serve as an unequivocal description of higher education qualification at the national level with the aim that the higher education system of the country is internationally understood.

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