Muntra India’s first unmanned tank


Muntra India's first unmanned tank

MUNTRA UGV is the first unmanned tracked vehicle from DRDO

Muntra India’s first unmanned tank  vehicle from DRDO and is designed to be configurable for different missions.

 Muntra India’s first unmanned tank has three variants – surveillance, mine detection and reconnaissance in areas with nuclear and bio threats. It is called Muntra (Mission UNmanned TRAcked)

The tank has been developed and tested for the army by Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment (CVRDE) in Avadi

Muntra India’s first unmanned tank – Features

The tanks will facilitate Indian Armed forces in conducting unmanned surveillance missions.

  • Muntra-S has been developed for unmanned surveillance missions,
  • Muntra-M is built for detecting mines.
  • Muntra-N will be deployed in areas where nuclear radiation or bio weapon risk is high

The Muntra tanks have surveillance radar, an integrated camera along with laser range finder, which can be used to spy on ground target about 15 kilometres away.

The UGV developed has a very diverse range of technologies and systems incorporated in it, including electro-optics, sensor fusion, electro-mechanical actuators and communication systems.

Various innovative methodologies are implemented in the MUNTRA UGV, including dynamic power management to ensure optimum use of the available power and software design to facilitate interoperability between UGV systems.

Indigenously developed GIS is extensively used in the MUNTRA UGV for planning missions and for recording the details of the paths traversed.

The MUNTRA UGV was developed conforming to various military standards for both hardware and software designs.


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