MPLAD Guidelines

The  Government of India has issued revised guidelines for Members of Parliament Local Area Development (MPLAD) Scheme in August, 2012.

It has been provided in the MPLADS guidelines that for execution of MPLADS works, the District Authority shall follow the established work scrutiny; technical, work estimation, tendering and administrative procedure of the State/UT Government concerned. Whenever any instance of State/UT Governments framing rules for MPLADS implementation in contradiction to MPLADS Guidelines is brought to the notice of this Ministry, appropriate instructions are issued to the concerned State/UT Government for taking immediate corrective action.

The New Salient Features of the Revised MPLADS Guidelines are as under:-

(i)           Assistance to physically challenged persons upto maximum of Rs.10 lakh per year for purchase of tri-cycles and artificial limbs have been allowed,

(ii)         Ambulances/hearse vans under the District Authority/CMO/Civil Surgeon of the district can now also be operated through private organizations,

(iii)       MPs allowed to recommend eligible works upto Rs.10 lakh per year outside the constituency for Lok Sabha MPs and outside States for Rajya Sabha MPs. 

(iv)       Release of advances to Government implementing agencies has been changed from the ratio of 50 : 50 to 75 : 25.

(v)         Contingency funds of 0.5% have been increased to 2% of the annual entitlement as administrative expenses.

(vi)       MPLADS works can also be implemented in areas affected by man-made calamities like chemical, biological and radiological hazards. 

(vii)     Mobile Library for Government Educational Institutions/Public Libraries now permissible.

(viii)   Works from out of the shelf of MGNREGA projects approved by the Zilla Panchayat for the year may also be recommended under the MPLAD Scheme. Similarly, convergence of MPLADS funds with Panchayat Yuva Krida aur Khel Abhiyan (PYKKA) and Urban Sports Infrastructure Scheme (USIS) for creation of durable sports assets from out of the shelf of PYKKA Projects has been allowed. 

(ix)       Funds from the MPLAD Scheme can be used for construction of Railway Halt Stations to facilitate the local community for boarding/deboarding the train.

(x)         An MP has been entitled for setting up of MPLADS Facilitation Centre in the Nodal District for which MPLADS funds not exceeding Rs. 5 lakh being the cost of equipments, furniture, etc. can be used.  The space/room would be provided by DC/DM in the premises of Collectorate/DRDA and the recurring running expenses will be booked under 2% administrative charges, of which the Nodal District gets 0.8%.

(xi)       MPs may recommend purchase of Books up to Rs. 22 lakh annually for schools/colleges/public libraries subject to certain conditions.

(xii)     ‘One MP – One Idea’ competition introduced for selecting three best innovations in solving local problems to be held in each Lok Sabha Constituency annually

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