Modern Technology to Combat Infiltration and Smuggling in Border Areas

Infiltration and smuggling on the India’s borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh is checked considerably by means of fencing and floodlighting along the borders. BSF is manning 2289.66 km. of Indo-Pak and 4096.70 km. of Indo-Bangladesh borders. These borders particularly, Indo-Bangladesh borders is marked with high degree of porosity which are exploited by trans-border smuggler/miscreants. However, all possible efforts are made to plug the gaps along Indo-Pak and Indo-Bangladesh borders, with the erection of fencing and installation of floodlights on these borders.

In addition to the above, the Government has installed Hi-Tech Surveillance equipments such as Long Range Reconnaissance & Observation System (LORROS), Battler Field Surveillance Radars (BFSR) Hand Held Thermal Imagers (HHTI), Night Vision Device/Goggles (NVDSs&NVGs)a etc. Constant efforts are being made to procure the modern surveillance equipments for further enhancing the border domination.

BSF has not submitted any wish list to the Government to check infiltration across the borders

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