Measures to CURB Depression Amongst Personnel of CPMFs

As reported by the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) and Assam Rifles (AR), 120 personnel committed suicide in the year 2014 and 35 personnel have committed suicide during the year 2015.

Following measures have been taken by the Government to curb the depression amongst the personnel of paramilitary forces (i.e. CAPFs and AR) :-

  • Implementing a transparent, rational and fair leave policy;
  • Grant of leave to the force personnel to attend to their urgent domestic issues and social commitments.;
  • Regular interaction, both formal and informal, among Commanders, officers and troops to find out and address their problems;
  • Revamping of grievances redressal machinery;
  • Regulating duty hours to ensure adequate rest and relief;
  • Improving living conditions through provision of basic amenities/ facilities for troops and their families
  • Government has approved extension of the facility of retention of Government accommodation at the last place of posting for CAPF personnel deployed/posted in Left Wing Extremism affected areas/ districts (except State capitals), as notified by the Government of India from time to time, on payment of flat rate/normal license fee. This facility is already being given to the Force personnel in case of posting to NE States and J&K State.
  • Motivating the forces through increased risk/hardship and other allowances such as Detachment Allowance, Kit Maintenance Allowance, Washing Allowance, Ration Money Allowance, MARCOS Allowance etc;
  • Provision of STD telephone facilities to the troops to facilitate being in touch with their family members and to reduce tension in the remote locations;
  • Officers and Jawans serving in hard area are being given preference for posting to soft/static locations as per their choice to the extent possible;
  • Better medical facilities for troops and their families including introduction of Composite Hospitals with specialized facilities
  •   Organising talks by doctors and other specialists to address their personal and psychological concerns;
  • Yoga and meditation classes for better stress management;
  • Treating the hospitalization period due to injury suffered by CRPF personnel during the course of duty to be treated as duty.
  • Adequate steps have been taken in all establishments to provide and upkeep the recreational and sport facilities. Force personnel are encouraged constantly to actively participate in sports and games;
  • Providing welfare measures like Central Police canteen facility to the troops and their families, scholarships to their wards, etc;
  • Giving status of ex-CAPF personnel to the retired personnel of CAPF, which is expected to boost the morale of the existing CAPFs personnel and also expected to provide better identity, community recognition and thus higher esteem and pride in the society to the Ex-CAPF personnel;
  • CAPF Campus at various locations are renewed and upgraded according to present scenario. Adequate basic amenities like toilets, bathrooms, drinking water points, messing for both male and female are available. Mobile toilets are also provided to troops for use during operational duty.
  • Force campuses are kept clean and sanitation rounds are done by medical officers to monitor and keep up the hygiene status of the campus.
  • Schemes have been implemented for facilitating the women personnel i.e. Gender Sensitization, Health care Centre, improvised service, Nutritional care Centre etc;
  • In addition to the above, the female personnel are liberally given Child Care Leave (CCL);
  • Creche is also established at various Group Centres/Units locations to facilitate the female employees;
  •   The air courier service facility has been extended to CAPF personnel deployed in remote areas of North East and Jammu & Kashmir region including Leh as a welfare measure;
  • Promotions are being released regularly to the eligible personnel as and when vacancies arise in the next higher rank;
  • The financial benefits under Modified Assured Career Progression (MACP) Scheme and Senior Time Scale (STS) Scheme are given in time as per the rules to the eligible personnel in case they do not get promotion for want of vacancies.
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