Measures to Check Naxalism

The weapon holding of Left Wing Extremists is not superior to the weaponry used by the security forces in the LWE affected area. The LWE outfits are using weapons/equipments like LMG, AK-47, SLR, .303 Rifles, GF Rifles, HE Grenades and VHF & HF sets for attacks on security forces. Further, there are reports that the CPI(Maoist) is focusing on further augmentation of its military capability to increase the lethality of its armoury. The use of Rockets, Mortars and Molotov Cocktails, the former through indigenously manufactured launchers have also been witnessed during some attacks on security forces in the Bastar region. The Government is implementing a scheme namely, ‘Construction / Strengthening of Fortified Police Stations’ wherein 400 Police Stations are proposed to be constructed in 9 LWE affected States at the rate of Rs. 2.00 crore for each police station. Under the Scheme, 80% of funds are provided by the Central Government and 20% by the respective State Governments. So far, Rs. 370.00 crore have been released under the Scheme. The State Governments have been advised to complete the construction work of Police Stations as early as possible.

The Central Government has a holistic approach towards combating LWE insurgency, wherein it supplements the efforts of the State Governments over a wide range of measures. The Central Government assists the State Governments through security related and development related interventions. In security related interventions, apart from directly deploying CAPFs, the Government of India provides assistance for capacity building of the States through Schemes like the Security Related Expenditure (SRE) Scheme, the Special Infrastructure Scheme (SIS), the Construction/Strengthening of Fortified Police Stations Scheme, etc. Other security related interventions includes providing Helicopters to States for Anti-naxal operations, setting up of Counter Insurgency and Anti-Terrorism (CIAT) Schools, assistance to raise India Reserve Battalions (IRB), modernization and upgradation of the State Police and their Intelligence apparatus under the Scheme for Modernization of State Police Forces (MPF scheme), etc.

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On the development front, the Central Government is implementing Special Schemes for LWE affected areas like the Integrated Action Plan (IAP), the Road Requirement Plan-I, etc. It is the belief of the Government of India that a combination of calibrated police action, focused development efforts and improvement in governance are the effective instrumentalities to combat LWE insurgency in the long-term. The efficacy of this policy is being gradually felt and is reflected in the decrease in LWE violence profile during the last two years.

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