Measures Taken to Eradicate AIDS Disease

The National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) has taken following key steps to prevent and control the HIV epidemic in the country:-

¡        Revised Migrant Strategy with focus at Destination, Transit & Source and Employer-led Model to address vulnerabilities of migrant labour.

¡        Scale up of Opioid Substitution Therapy at Public Health settings to control HIV among IDU & sensitization of law enforcement agencies.

¡        For elimination of HIV infections among children, lifelong ARV to HIV positive pregnant women for prevention of Parent to Child Transmission of HIV has been rolled out.

¡        In certain pockets of high prevalence states where HIV prevalence among FSW and MSM continues to be high, emphasis is given to sustain the higher coverage of targeted interventions and improve the quality of outreach.

¡        Scale-up of free 1st line and 2nd line Anti retroviral Treatment for People living with HIV and strengthening supply chain management of drugs.

¡        National Helpline was launched to facilitate easy dissemination of information related to HIV/AIDS to general public, People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV), High Risk Groups (HRG) and vulnerable population in 8 Indian languages.

¡        Considering the fact that combination of multi-drug in a single pill is very effective, well tolerated, so once a-daily fixed dose regimen (FDC) has been rolled out in a single pill ARV drug among the 1st line treatment patients.

¡        Mainstreaming and partnerships is recognized as a key approach in National AIDS Control Programme to facilitate multi-sectoral response engaging a wide range of stakeholders and optimally utilize the resource available from other Ministries and Department. In this regard the NACO has identified 31 key Departments/ Ministries of Government of India for mainstreaming. 12 such Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) has already been signed.

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