Mars One: Human settlement on Mars in 2023

An ambitious new project has started. Mars One plans to establish the first human settlement on Mars in 2023. Only one problem, you can’t come back.

The project plans to establish the first ever human settlement on Mars. The habitable settlement will be placed on Mars ready for the settlers when they land. This settlement will be set up so as to support them while they live and work on Mars.

The technical plan for the mission is being kept as simple as possible. Mars One have identified at least one supplier for every component required for the mission. Only thing is, due to the difficulties involved, there will be no return to Earth for any of the crew. Once settled on Mars, they will remain there for the rest of their lives.

The whole project will be broadcast by the media back home, so that everyone can see their work and their discoveries on Mars. It will be a huge media spectacle.

In 2023, the first crew of 4 astronauts will emigrate to Mars – a journey that will take 7 months.

The Plan:
In 2016, a communications satellite and a supply mission will be sent to Mars.
In 2018, a large planetary rover will be sent which will drive around and find the best location for the site.
In 2020, living units, life support units, a rover and more supplies will be sent to Mars. The rovers will prepare the settlement for human occupation. They will extract the inflatable section from the living unit. The life support unit will prepare the outpost for the arrival of the human crew.
In late 2022, when the settlement is fully operational, the crew will depart in a transit habitat with a lander attached. In April 2023, the humans will land on Mars. “The next giant leap for mankind”, says Bas Lansdorp, one of the developers.
A new team will join the settlement every two years. By 2033, they plan for over 20 people to be living and working on Mars.

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About the Mars One team:
Mars One is the brainchild of Bas Lansdorp. A born entrepreneur with vision and enthusiasm, Lansdorp has been in touch with the aerospace companies, both experts and researchers, to get their attention and develop a source for their requirements.
 Lansdorp has dreamed of a manned mission to Mars for many years. Previous to starting Mars One, he was the co-founder of Ampyx Power.

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