Kerala tourism goes hi-tech, launches e-Guide

A set of mobile-based services, including a mobile website, WAP guide, applications and Bluetooth kiosks will now serve as an e-Guide for tourists

Kerala Tourism is going to launch an array of mobile based services and IT products to make the passage to the state a hassle-free and more pleasant experience.

The new products include a mobile website, WAP guide, applications and Bluetooth kiosks.

“The world is making a transition from web-based tools to smart phone-based tools. Kerala Tourism is hence making another ground-breaking move with these products to seize the growing opportunity and stay put a notch above our competitors.

For tourists travelling to Kerala, these products will prove to be their e-Guardians by giving with a comprehensive supportive and protective cover rather than being just e-Guides,

The Kerala Tourism website started with just 50 visitors a day in 1998 and today it gets 7000-8000 visits per day and more than 2.5 million visits a year.

In addition, Kerala tourism is active in social media like You Tube with 3 million video views a year, 1.76 lakh fans on Facebook and 9,500 followers in Twitter.

Kerala Tourism started exploring mobile technology as early as 2006.

“The visitors who are connected with their smart phones and mobile apps will be able to explore the destinations in the state without external support.

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