K-15, India’s underwater ballistic missile

India test fired its K-15 ballistic missile to join a select league of nations with the capability of firing nuclear-tipped missiles from land, air and sea.

The K-15 ballistic missile was fired from an underwater platform in Bay of Bengal. The missile met every mission objective, announced the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

k 15

Some of the facts about K-15:

*The K-15 has a strike range of around 1500 kilometres.

* Sunday’s launch was the 11th launch of the missile from underwater. In addition, K-15 has also been test fired from land on three occasions. Though the results were successful, the DRDO kept it a closely guarded secret.

*K-15 was developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation for the Indian strategic forces’ underwater platforms.

*This missile will help India to achieve the capability of launching nuclear warheads from underwater facilities.

* With the successful test of K-15, India joins the USA, France, Russia and China in the elite group of countries that have submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM). India was developing K-15 for the better part of the last decade as a reliable second strike capability in case of a nuclear attack.

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