Installation of Weather Radar

As a C-Band Doppler Weather Radar (DWR) has been commissioned on 19th December, 2011 and is functional since then.

overnment of India through Earth System Science Organization (ESSO)-IMD has operationalized its location specific now casting weather service across the country including the web based inputs. Under this service activity, that covers 117 urban centres currently on experimental basis, now cast of severe weather (Thunderstorms; heavy rainfall from lows/depressions over the land) in 3-6h range is issued. Origin, development/movement of severe weather phenomena are regularly monitored through DWRS and with all available other observing systems (Automatic Weather Stations-AWSs; Automatic Rain Gauges-ARGs; Automatic Weather Observing Systems-AWOS; satellite derived wind vectors, temperature, moisture fields etc.) are assimilated to generate predictions (prepared both in text as well as in graphical form) on 3h time range. Web GIS rendering of the now cast products is implemented for enhanced spatial representation of the severe weather intensities associated with warnings.

For the farming community, however, district scale integrated agro-meteorological advisory service that disseminates crop-specific advisories through SMS, IVRS, vernacular visual/print media channels is already functional with twice weekly mode of advisory dissemination mechanism.

As of now, 17 S/C-Band DWRs are commissioned at Chennai, Sriharikota, Machilipatnam, Visakhapatnam, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bhuj, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Patiala, Delhi Palam, Lucknow, Patna, Mohanbari, Agartala, Delhi Lodi Road and Jaipur. DWR at Bhopal is under commissioning. In a phased manner, the expansion of the DWR network to cover the whole country needs to be taken up as sustenance of such country wide networks demands augmentation of massive infrastructure (land/office/line of sight elevated tower), support service systems (power/cooling/ water/spares & services/ operating frequency clearance/security clearance, manpower etc.) across various states/UTs.

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  1. Hi. I am working in SGS Weather , New Delhi, i am responsible for installing all S band Doppler weather Radar for IMD in the 2nd phase. under my supervision the 9 radars has already installed, Bhopal radar also commissioned on 06/11/2013.

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