Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs


IICA has been established by the Indian Ministry of Corporate Affairs for capacity building and training in various subjects and matters relevant to corporate regulation and governance such as corporate and competition law, accounting and auditing issues, compliance management, corporate governance, business sustainability through environmental sensitivity and social responsibility, e-Governance and enforcement etc.

IICA Society

IICA was registered as a Society on 12.09.2008 under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 to establish, manage, maintain and run the IICA. The IICA Society is headed by the Hon’ble Minister of Corporate Affairs, who is the Ex- officio President of the IICA Society. A Board of Governors with 17 Members has been constituted comprising government officials, eminent corporate leaders, professionals, heads of prestigious national institutions and experts from different fields. The Board of Governors is chaired, ex-officio, by the Secretary, Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

The Institute has been designed with an eye on the future to provide a platform for dialogue, interaction and partnership between governments, corporate, investors, civil society, professionals, academicians and other stake holders in the emerging 21st century environment which has characteristics like:

Uncertainty, accelerating pace of change and possible non- availability of long term anchors and reference points.

Sustainability and survival of the planet emerging as important factors in business decisions.

Ever increasing inter-dependence between nations, economies, societies, people and organizations.

Knowledge, technology, on-going learning, flexibility and innovation driving the business.

Substantive result oriented partnerships enable ability to establish efficient regulation and responsible business clarity.

The IICA has been setup with a flexible organizational structure with

Schools for teaching, training and capacity building in academic disciplines relevant to corporate regulation and functioning

Centers and Forums for interaction, innovation and experience sharing

A Think Tank for research, studies and policy advice to the government

Need-based expert groups, task forces and out-sourced projects

A Knowledge management system for continuous creation, collation and dissemination of knowledge and information

A network of global partnerships with government, institutions, corporate entities, academic and other institutions.

ICLS Academy

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Corporate regulation in India is the responsibility of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs acting through regulatory bodies, special organizations and field staff spread out all over India. Staffing of this regulatory structure is done through officers taken from the cadre of Indian Corporate Law Service (ICLS).

Induction Training:

The ICLS Academy, located at Manesar Campus of the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), has the responsibility for conducting the induction training for the Probationary Officers (POs) belonging to the Indian Corporate Law Service (ICLS). The first batch of POs of ICLS, recruited through the Common Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC, are under induction training since December, 2010 after a three months’ foundational course at other academies.

Mid Career Orientation Training:

The Academy will also conduct orientation and training programmes for more than 1500 officials of ICLS and subordinate cadres currently serving across India as part of the field organization of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. These training programmes of varying duration ranging from one to six weeks will focus on specific professional knowledge and skill areas. Training courses will also be organized for other regulatory bodies and special organizations attached to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The Academy eventually plans to also offer training programmes in Corporate Law and Regulation to officials from other agencies and departments of the Central and State Governments as well as the general public.

Training Methodology:

The ICLS Academy will use the latest training methodologies coupled with high quality training material comprising self-learning modules, case studies, scenario analysis, problem solving, project development/writing, etc. It will be provided with modern, state of the art facilities for its activities and will network with other premier academic and training institutions in India and abroad in pursuance of a constant quest for excellence.

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