India Embarks On Various Military

India Embarks On Various Military Drills With Us, Thailand And Bangladesh

India is once again getting geared for joint military exercises with other nations. While India and Thailand have started their joint Army exercise called ‘Exercise Maitrayee’ at Ramgarh in Bihar, Special Forces of India and the US will engage each other in war games codenamed Exercise Vajra Prahar in Himachal Pradesh. 

India and US will be participating in Exercise Vajra Prahar in Himachal Pradesh starting October 15 which will involve commando operations on the Himalayan heights. Indian and US Special forces will participate in counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations under the UN mandate. The war games would be held at the Special Forces Training School at Nahan in Himachal Pradesh.

In recent years, Indo-US war games and military drills have been on the rise. Both the nations have been focusing on drills that enable them to be better prepared to handle terrorist threats. These joint exercises have facilitated a better understanding of each other’s capabilities and augmented the ability to operate jointly.

Indo-US war games have been occurring on a consistent basis. Last month, both nations participated in “Exercise Yudh Abhyas” which took place in Jaisalmer under the South Western Command. In this exercise, the US showcased its prestigious armoured vehicle Stryker whereas India used its mechanized regiments. Besides this, India and US conducted “Exercise Shatrujit” which took place in the USA in April where close to 200 Indian troops participated.

Meanwhile, India has started their joint Army exercise with Thailand called ‘Exercise Maitrayee’ at Ramgarh in Bihar. This 15 day exercise in the forests of Bihar will be focusing on counter-insurgency operations in rural and urban settings.

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Special Forces of India and Bangladesh have held their first-ever joint military exercise in October last year. The two sides engaged with each other in the 14-day exercise codenamed ‘Op Sampriti’ where they practiced counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations.

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