India all set to develop resusable rockets: DRDO

India all set to develop resusable rockets: DRDO chief 

After the successful launch of Agni-5 Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), India is all set to develop reusable rockets which will combine the technologies of both ballistic and cruise missiles.

As part of plans to develop reusable ballistic missiles, Defence Research and Development Organisation will test indigenously developed scram jet engine next year.

“We have propulsion technology, we have re-entry technologies, we have the technology which can take a re-entry system which will deliver a payload and have yet another re-entry system which will bring the missile back when it re-enters the atmosphere on its return journey,” he said.

“We have demonstrated the performance of a scram jet engine operating at Mach six speed (six times the speed of sound),” he said.

On technological capability available with the agency, he said, “DRDO has built the necessary technologies, production infrastructure and design capability for developing a booster or a sustainer… We have the capability to develop a re-entry nose cone which can withstand higher temperature and velocity.”

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