Inclusion of Saryu Nahar Pariyojana of Uttar Pradesh in the scheme of National Projects

The Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure approved the inclusion of “Sarayu Nahar Pariyojana” of Uttar Pradesh in the scheme of National projects. Under the scheme of National Projects, this project would become eligible for 90% funding from the Central Government.

The Sarayu Nahar Pariyojana has been under execution by the State Government of Uttar Pradesh since 1977-78 but could not be completed because of lack of funds with th© State Government. Once completed, it would provide an ultimate irrigation potential benefit to 14.04 lakh hectare in the districts of Bahraich, Shrawasti, Balrampur, Gonda, Basti, Sant Kabirnagar, Siddharth Nagar & Gorakhpur. The amount required for completion of the project is Rs, 3238 crore out of which Rs. 2915 crore would be provided by the Central Government. The project is scheduled to be completed by March 2016.

The High Powered Steering Committee for National Projects constituted by the Ministry of Water Resources has cleared the Project in December 2011 for inclusion under the scheme of National Projects.

The total central liability on account of this project is approximately Rs.2915 crore.

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