IAF Delphinus swimming team crosses English Channel

Four members of Indian Air Force’s swimming team named Delphinus, successfully crossed the English Channel on the 26th of last month. The team safely crossed the English Channel in 12 hours and 14 minutes, clocking the best timing.The swimming team was led by Wing Commander Paramvir Singh and three other members, including Flight Lieutenant Narayanpethkar, Corporal AK Patel and Corporal S Srihari.


In the wee hours (0845 IST) of June 26, the team entered the waters at Shakespeare Beach, Dover, England and reached at Cap Griz Nez, France at 2059 IST by relay swimming. Water temperatures during the swim varied from 10 to 13 degrees. With choppy waters, the undercurrents were upto 10 mph which adds to the difficulties a swimmer encounters.

The team is the first ever Armed Forces Team to swim the English Channel. This was the first successful swim of the season for the team. It is also the fastest Asian team to swim English Channel in its category.

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