Government Pro Active On rehabilitation of Displaced Persons

Rehabilitation & Resettlement (R&R) issues pertaining to Project Affected Persons (PAPs) in respect of Hydro and Thermal Power Projects are proactively addressed during land acquisition and project construction stage itself. A Rehabilitation Action Plan (RAP) is formulated through extensive consultations process involving PAPs, Head of Panchayats of the affected villages, people representatives and the District Administration etc. The RAP, thus prepared on a consensual basis is then approved for implementation. The duration of RAP implementation varies from project to project and this normally is completed by the time project implementation is completed. However, despite the best efforts, if some R&R issues are left or they crop up after the completion of the project, they are properly addressed in due course of time.

In regard to employment and other facilities to the affected people, the National Rehabilitation & Resettlement Policy stipulates preference to affected family (at least one person per nuclear family) in providing employment in the project, subject to the availability of the vacancies and suitability of affected person for the employment.

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