Geoscience Advisory Council (GAC)

The Geoscience Advisory Council (GAC) is the highest policy planning forum to advise the Ministry of Mines and the Geological Survey of India in the matters of Earth Sciences. The Council comprises of Secretary level officials of the Govt. of India and Head of Departments of Governmental organizations and nominated experts who have long standing experience in various disciplines of Earth Sciences. The Council is expected to provide direction for framing concrete policies and appropriate road map for implementing the same.


The foremost objectives of the GAC is to explore opportunities for long term strategic partnerships or cooperative arrangements with Central and State Ministries, Institutions, Universities and Private sector. the council also expressed exploring new areas of R&D, data management and sharing, environment, augmentation of natural resources and popularizing geosciences among the masses.

It stressed the importance of mineral resources that play a key role for economic development. The council expressed the concern about the scarcity of water which is vital for the well being of the society.

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