Focus on New Farm Practices, Inputs

National Food Security Mission (NFSM) with three components, viz., NFSM- Rice, NFSM-Wheat and NFSM-Pulses was launched with effect from Rabi 2007-08 with an aim to achieve additional production of Rice, Wheat and Pulses by 20 million tonnes by the end of 11th Five Year Plan, i.e., Rice by 10 million tonnes, Wheat by 8 million tonnes and Pulses by 2 million tonnes. From Kharif 2010, Accelerated Pulses Production Programme (A3P) has been launched under NFSM-Pulses for technology demonstrations in Village Level Compact Blocks for enhanced production of pulses.

In addition to above, the Government of India launched a campaign to increase area coverage under pulses through its promotion as intercrops with Kharif crops and as relay crop, and catch crop in Rabi and summer seasons. New farm practices have been encouraged and nearly 8.19 lakh demonstrations of improved varieties of rice, wheat and pulses have taken place from 2007-08 to 2011-12. Nearly, 174.56 lakh quintals of seeds of rice (high yieldidng variety/hybrids), wheat and pulses have been distributed. More than 122.90 lakhs ha area has been treated with soil ameliorants (gypsum/lime/micro nutrients) to restore soil fertility. About 49.53 lakh ha of cropped area has been covered under Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and 74.70 lakh improved farm machineries/water saving devices (including sprinkler, pumpsets/pipes) have been distributed. Capacity building of farmers has been enhanced through organization of 49182 Farmers’ Field Schools.

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