Eyes in the sky worldwide as Venus makes mark on sun

A rare celestial spectacle — Transit of Venus — the last for this century, unfolded in the on june 6th 2012  all across the country, enthralling the astro enthusiasts. Scientists and amateur astronomers alike celebrated the arrival of the Transit of Venus, peering up to the skies to  watch a dark black spot slide over the surface of the Sun.

“This was the century’s last Venus Transit,”

The next Venus transit will happen after 105.5 years in 2117, making this a lifetime’s event, From the Earth, this phenomenon is seen when the Venus passes between the Sun and the Earth. It occurs in intervals of 8, 121½, 8 and 105½ years.

The passage of planet Venus across the face of Sun is once in a life time celestial event and many viewed it across the country.

Tuesday’s transit is only the eighth since the invention of the telescope, and the last until December 10-11, 2117. It also is the first to take place with a spacecraft at Venus.

Observations from Europe’s Venus Express probe will be compared with those made by several ground and space-based telescopes, including NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, the joint US-European Solar and Heliospheric Observatory and Japan’s Hinode spacecraft.

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