The Government is an organization that produces and manages immense volumes of files that play an integral role in its decision making process. The existing manual system of file movement poses several challenges to the effective functioning of the government. One of these challenges is the difficulty in searching, retrieving and tracking files when needed. The storage of the files is another challenge, both in terms of space as well as secure preservation.

eFile is a workflow based system that replaces the existing manual handling of files with a more efficient electronic system. This system involves all stages, including the diarisation of inward receipts, creation of files, movement of receipts and files and finally, the archival of records.With this system, the movement of receipts and files becomes seamless and there is more transparency in the system since each and every action taken on a file is recorded electronically. eFiles can be easily searched and retrieved and actions on them can be taken instantly. They can also link to and reference relevant files, documents, rulings and decisions. This simplifies decision making, as all the required information is available at a single point.

The main modules of eFile are as follows:


The most striking feature of the File Management System(eFile) is the Dashboard that provides an overview of alerts for files and receipts pertaining to different categories and the pendencies of files and receipts with respect to the sections.


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