Dr Vedprakash Mishra Committee


Ved Prakash Mishra Committee

Vedprakash Mishra committee look into the upgrade of the port trust hospitals

A committee under Dr Vedprakash Mishra,  appointed by the Union Ministry of Shipping is to study all the major port hospitals and recommend a model for their modernisation and development. They are to be developed on the PPP model, at no cost to the ports.

In an attempt to produce more doctors and provide better services for patient care, the union government is considering the option of converting port hospitals into modern, developed medical colleges. These hospitals would include those situated at major ports along the coastline

The Dr Vedprakash Mishra Committee  will look into the upgrade of the port trust hospitals, for augmentation of services and academic utilisation, thereto, including starting of medical colleges on a PPP basis

The Employee State Insurance Corporation has also initiated medical colleges in its hospitals.   Dr Vedprakash Mishra Committee headed 4 member committee has also submitted its report examining how government medical colleges could be initiated through the PPP mode in districts with no such institutions, by upgrading district hospitals to teaching colleges.

This is to be done without heavy financial burden on the state exchequer . The committee has recommended conversion of  state  district hospitals into medical colleges through PPP with the help of societies, trusts or not-for-profit companies.

The state will in return  earn  a quota of 25% seats in these medical colleges for admission at nominal fees and free treatment for an an equal number of patients in the affiliated hospital- under various government schemes.

To cross-subsidise these government medical college seats, the private party will be earmarked 15% of the annual intake of students, as  NRI quota, towards which higher fees will be charged- as compensation.

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The admission to  remaining seats in the medical college, can take place through the NEET and the remaining (75%) patients in the hospital can be treated at subsidised, if not government rates.

Highlights of the  Dr Vedprakash Mishra Committee

If port hospitals can be upgraded under PPP mode and if  medical colleges and PG courses can be started at these hospitals, it will not only enhance the quality of health care available to people in and around the port area, but will also create educational and employment opportunities for the  local youth.

This move will also help fill the huge shortage of doctors and paramedical staff in the country, and will make ports the drivers of economic change, enabling equitable and inclusive growth of the local area.

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