DR Mehta received Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhawana Purskar

jaippurfoot1D. R. Mehta, the founder and chief patron of the Jaipur based Bhagwan Mahavir Viklang Sahayata Samiti, the makers of the world famous JAIPUR FOOT was presented the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavna award.

This award which carries a cash prize of Rs.  Five lakh was given to Shri Mehta for his contribution to communal harmony, peace and goodwill. Late President K.R .Narayanan, Mother Teresa, Lata Mangeshkar, Bismillah Khan, Dilip Kumar.Sunil Dutt are among the persons who were recipients of this award in the past.


Prime Minister said that the role played by the Jaipur based Bhagwan Mahavir Vikland Sahayata  Samiti under the leadership of Shri Mehta enabled over a million people overcome their disabilities and they now walk with dignity. He said a sensible and dedicated person like Shri Mehta has led his bunch of dedicated workers to serve the humanity and the BMVSS has done enormous good work not only in India, but in several Asian,African and Latin American countries..It’s for this reason that a bureaucrat like Shri Mehta, who  set up the BMVSS 37 years ago has  grown from strength to strength to become an organisation that  is known globally. He truly deserved this coveted award and his role which inspired thousands of disabled only speak about the good work of the BMVSS.

Dehli-MehtaShri Mehta, former chairman of the SEBI and a former deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India in his acceptance speech said the BMVSS was set up in 1975 at Jaipur to rehabilitate the handicaps by providing them artificial limb. The BMVSS has since developed from strength to strength to emerge as the world’s leading organisation for the handicaps having benefited over 1.3   million persons world over with artificial limbs, calipers and other aids and appliances, giving them dignity and mobility.

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The Jaipur Foot has become the most widely used prosthetics in the world.

“I asked many industrialists, scientists and government leaders to name at least three industrial or manufactured Indian products, the brands of which are known all over the world.

He said the BMVSS evolved a special patient-centric management system to ensure fast humane personalized service. BMVSS provides aid and appliances free of charge as a large number of patients are below poverty line. “However, he added that it is ensured that the patients get the clear impression that they are getting help and not charity. One of the basic objectives of the BMVSS is to ensure dignity along with mobility.

Shri Mehta ensured that the BMVSS remains a non-political, non-sectarian, pan Indian NGO.

The BMVSS is an international organization. It has held on-the -spot limb-fitment camps in over 26 countries of Asia including Pakistan and Afghanisatan,Africa and Latin America.The BMVSS has technical tie-ups with prestigious universities of US like Stanford and MIT.

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