Consortium for Educational Communication

The Consortium for Educational Communication popularly known as CEC is one of the Inter University Centres set up by the University Grants Commission of India. It has been established with the goal of addressing the needs of Higher Education through the use of powerful medium of Television along with the appropriate use of emerging Information Communication Technology (ICT).

Realizing the potential and power of television to act as means of Educational Knowledge dissemination, UGC started the Countrywide Classroom Programmes in the year 1984. For production of such programmes Media Centres were set up at 6 Universities. Subsequently CEC emerged in 1993 as a nodal  agency to coordinate, guide & facilitate such Educational production at the National level. Today 22 Media Centres are working towards achieving this goal under the umbrella of CEC.

Objectives of CEC :

Close Coordination, facilitation, overall guidance and direction towards the activities of the Media Centres set up by the UGC in various Universities throughout the country. Dissemination of Educational programmes through broadcast as well as non-broadcast modes. Production of Educational programmes (Audio/Visual and Web Based) and related support material further setting up of appropriate facilities for such production. Research activities related to optimizing the effectiveness of such programmes. Providing a forum for the active involvement of academic and other scholars in the creation of appropriate educational programmes. Studying, promoting & experimenting with new technology that will increase the reach and / or effectiveness of educational communication.

Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC) is an Inter-University Centre, established by University Grants Commission (UGC), on 26th May 1993, under section 12(ccc) of its act of 1956. CEC as an autonomous centre, enjoys Central University status and is a nodal agency at national level, to address the higher education needs of the country through production and dissemination of educational programmes, by the way of the extensive use of ICT tools and various modes of communication such as TV, EduSat network and internet etc. CEC’s mandate is to engage in the production of curriculum and enrichment based educational material at large and its dissemination, through various ICT modes. It seeks to reach out especially to those remote, less accessible regions where quality educational avenues for the aspiring students are scanty.

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