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Census Info India Software has been launched by Registrar General & Census Commissioner, India, and the country chiefs of UNFPA, UN Women and the representative of UNICEF. The software has been developed by the United Nations Statistics Division, in partnership with UNICEF and UNFPA.

India informed that the Census Info India Software is an innovative and flexible database technology used for the dissemination of Population and Housing Census results to help countries disseminate their census results at any relevant geographical level, on CD-ROM and also on the web.

The salient features of the Software,

The software has a unique feature which allows user to create tables, maps and charts using her/his own data. The Census Info India on Houses, Household Amenities and Assets based on Census 2011 data provides access to the dataset on a number of indicators at State and District level.

The House listing and Housing Census has immense utility as it provides comprehensive data on the conditions of human settlements, housing deficit and consequently the housing requirement to be taken care of in the formulation of housing policies.

It also provides a wide range of data on amenities and assets available to the households. Such an information shall facilitate the departments of the Union and State Governments and other non-Governmental agencies for development and planning at the local level as well as the State level.

The user friendly CensusInfo Software would help all the stakeholders to make use of 2011 Census data on House listing and Housing in a meaningful manner.

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