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August 13, 2018 Raja Raja Cholan 0

PARIVESH (Pro-Active and Responsive facilitation by Interactive,Virtuous and Environmental Single-window Hub) PARIVESH is a Single-Window Integrated Environmental Management System, developed in pursuance of the spirit of ‘Digital India’ initiated by the Prime Minister […]

Ecology and Environment

Sagar Vani

July 28, 2017 Raja Raja Cholan 0

Sagar Vani – An Integrated Information Dissemination System for Ocean Information Services The ‘Sagar Vani’ is a software platform where various dissemination modes will be […]

Invasive alien species
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Invasive Alien Species

July 19, 2017 Raja Raja Cholan 0

Invasive Alien Species referred to as exotic, introduced, foreign, non-indigenous or non-native Invasive Alien Species  plant also referred to as exotic, introduced, foreign, non-indigenous or non-native, […]

Pteridophytes in India
Ecology and Environment

Pteridophytes in India

July 18, 2017 Raja Raja Cholan 0

Pteridophytes are non-flowering, vascular and spore-bearing plants including ferns and fern-allies. Pteridophytes in India form a conspicuous element of the earth’s vegetation and are important […]

Earth Overshoot day
Ecology and Environment

Earth over shoot day

August 28, 2015 cholan 0

Earth Overshoot Day is on August 13 Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s demand on renewable natural resources exceeds the supply that our planet […]