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Democratic Republic of Congo

Ebola Q & A

August 1, 2014 cholan 1

Q: How does an Ebola outbreak start and spread? A: The origin of the virus is unknown, but fruit bats are considered the most likely […]

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No Easy Day

August 23, 2012 cholan 0

A member of the special U.S. military team that killed terrorist leader Osama bin Laden has written a book about the mission U.S. publisher Dutton […]



July 28, 2012 cholan 0

Exercise Cougar 12 France and Britain will be participating later this Summer in war games codenamed Exercise Cougar 12 [2012]. The games will be conducted […]

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Anna Pimple Volcano

July 1, 2012 cholan 0

Scientists discover a mysterious volcano in the deep ocean off the west coast of Australia. This discovery is considered quite extraordinary. Cone-shaped volcano, with a […]