Public Administration – Paper I

Public Administration 

Paper – I

This book is based on the preliminary type nature, But very useful for revision

This book has been created in order to help students preparing for Civil Service Examinations.

This book starts from the most basic concept and goes on to explain the most complicated terms in an easy to understand language. Different theories related to civil administration in this book are written in a clear, easy to understand and simple method so as to help you understand concepts clearly.

Apart from this, the book is also helpful in providing insights into the Civil Services at different levels namely, State and District Administration and the Local Government.

This book is useful for not only Civil Services exam aspirants but also useful for candidates appearing for competitive exams, students, researchers, academic professionals among many others so as to improve their knowledge.

This book also features study materials divided according to chapters and a question bank in order to improve your level of preparation. Also, the concepts in the book have been updated to provide better information and help in understanding them properly and correctly.

The book has been divided into twelve chapters which provide a great deal information on each topic like Financial Administration, Theories of Administration among others. The book also provides information on Administrative Development and New Public Administration.

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Administrative Thinkers

Paper – I – Chapter – II, Must Buy

The book provides an account of the ideas and contributors of twenty-one thinkers to the discipline. Each chapter covers an outline of the thinker\’s life, writings, principal contribution to the theory and a critical evaluation.

This volume is weaved the study and teaching of public administration, political science, sociology and management. It offers a single source of reference on the theory of public administration; particularly the contribution of select thinkers. In this second and revised edition one chapter on administrative theory and two thinkers have been added. All chapters have been revised.

Over the years the book gained recognition and has become a compulsory reading to the students and scholars of public administration. It is also an important source book for those appearing for the competitive civil service examinations at national and state levels in public administration and management.


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New Horizons Of Public Administration

Paper – I – Chapter – II, Must Buy

New Horizons of Public Administration is a comprehensive book for students preparing for the Civil Services examination.

The book comprises chapters on organizational effectiveness, public-private dichotomy, bureaucratic theory, politics and administration, governmental accountability, participation and governance and e-government.

In addition, the book consists of chapterwise questions to understand the concepts better. This book is essential for students of Public Administration.


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Public Administration by Fadia & Fadia

Paper – I, All chapters, Must Buy

The book Public Administration Administrative Theories And Concepts provides an up to date, authoritative and very readable introduction to its subjects for students on courses of Public Administration and governmental process.

The book gives due emphasis to the core areas of Public Administration Nature of Public Administration Nature of Public Administration, Administrative or Organisation Theory, Tools of Management, Public Personnel Administration, Financial Administration and Comparative Public Administration. Some of the Core Chapters of the book are Philosophy, Science and Art of Public Administration, Public Private Partnership, Politics and Public Administration, Comparative Public Administration, Development Administration, New Public Administration, Public Administration and Policy Making, Public Choice Approach, NPM, State versus Market Debate, Ecology of Public Administration, Administration Culture, Globalization, Liberalization, Privatisation and its impact on Public Administration. Organisation Theory, Theories of Leadership Motivation, Zero Base Budgeting, E Governance, Good Governance. Entrepreneural Government and New Dimensions in Public Administration.


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Restructuring Public Administration, A new look

Paper – I, – chapters – 1,7,8,10

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Public Policy: Formulation, Implementation and Evaluation

Paper – I, – chapter – 10

The Subject of Public Policy is a new area which has yet to acquire an independent status in the realm of social sciences. Available literature seems to support the impression that the focus of the attention of public administration or political science has never really been policies themselves.

There exists a gap between the academic approaches to the study of institutional arrangements and the content of public policy. Whereas political science has concentrated on the structure of individual political institutions, public administration has focused on the machinery for the implemented of public policies.

From such approaches, it is difficult to know much about the way policy is made and implemented. In this work, an attempt has been made to relate traditional approaches to the content of public policy.

The book has been revised thoroughly by adding new chapters to meet the growing needs of students.

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Public Policy: Art and Craft of Policy Analysis

Paper – I, – chapter – 10

The subject of Public Policy has assumed considerable importance in response to the complexity of economic downturns, social upheavals, political crises, institutional weaknesses and technology.

It is concerned not only with the description but also with the developing scientific knowledge about the forces shaping public policy.

The textbook, now in its second edition, continues to provide an in-depth study of the various approaches for policy formulation, implementation and evaluation.

It addresses issues in policy analysis, and explains the forces that influence the functioning of executive, legislature, judiciary, civil society and administration. The book excellently reviews and evaluates the public policy literature, and exemplifies the author’s long teaching and research experience in Punjab University.

The book is primarily intended for postgraduate students of Political Science and Public Administration for their courses in Public Policy and Policy Analysis, besides meeting the requirements of candidates offering public administration subject for the civil services examination. It will be equally useful for policymakers, planners and bureaucrats concerned with policy management.

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Development Administration

Paper – 1, Chapter – 8

In the current phase of globalization, development administration has assumed particular importance with the object to exercise effective economic sovereignty and control over national resources and environment.

The text, like the previous volumes published in 1977, 1986 and 1994, provides an in-depth understanding of the concepts of development, sustainable development, comparative public administration, development administration, and new public management.

The revised edition argues that the state has a critical role to play in socio-economic development, and an enhancement of its regulatory and transformative capacities is called for in order to face new challenges resulting from liberalization and globalization. Besides, it provides a detailed exposition of the impact of economic reforms on the social sectors in India.

It highlights the development issues, approaches and strategies which should be considered under different national, social, economic and administrative setting. The Book provides a comprehensive appreciation of functioning and role of development bureaucracy, planning machinery, public enterprises, and programmers and projects. It should prove useful to policy maker, practitioners, teachers and students in the field of Public Administration.

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Public Administration: Concepts and Theories

 Paper – I, Chapter – 1,2,3

Under the impact of globalisation, new ways of conceptualising administrative reality have been formultaed, which explain the complexities of state-society relations and public private partnerships.This revised edition includes all these and many other new themes of contemporary relevance to the discipline of public administration and to the practising world of governance.

This book is an introduction to the study of public administration- the discipline as well as the profession- in both western and non-western administrative contexts.Major administrative theories and concepts have been explained and related to the politico-administrative situation in the developed and developing countries.

Latest research findings have been used, wherever necessary, to provide empirical support top the issues discussed. An attempt has been made to link administrative thought and practice in the context of diverse administrative systems and cultures.

In recent times, many new approaches to the study of the subject have become popular.The ‘public choice school’, the ‘new public mangement’ paradigm, the concepts of ‘governance’ and ‘entrepreneurial government’, some of the new concepts which have emerged in the theory and teaching of the subject, have been incorporated in this new edition.

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Public Administration – Paper II

Indian Administration – by Fadia & Fadia

Chapter – All – Must Buy

It is a comprehensive book for those who aspire to excel in various competitive exams. It covers various concepts in the subject, compiled by experts in the field, in simple and lucid language for better comprehension.

Their original content is developed by experts in their respective fields. Their rigorous editorial reviews are highly commended.

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Indian Public Administration: Institutions and Issues

Chapters – 1, 2,4,,6,7,8,11,12,13,14

Evolutionary Perspective

Constitutional Setting

The Union Executive

State Administration

Area Administration

Civil Service System

Development Administration

The Accountability System

Issue Areas

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