A History of Ancient and Early Medieval India: From the Stone Age to the 12th Century

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A History of Ancient and Early Medieval India’ is the great book written by Upinder Singh, A great historian.

A History of Ancient and Early Medieval India’ is the most complete textbook yet for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The book describes the original sources such as ancient texts, artefacts, inscriptions and coins. You will find excellent illustration of how historians compare history on their basis.

It conveys the clear and balanced clarification of ideas and historical debates enables students to separately evaluate evidence, arguments and theories.

This classic allows the book lover to imagine and appreciate the rich and diverse relics of India’s ancient past, transforming the method of discovering that past into an thrilling experience.

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India’s Ancient Past

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India’s Ancient Past is a comprehensive work that captures the historical strides from neolithic and chalcolithic times to Harappan civilization, Vedic times, rise of Mauryas, Gupta’s. Satvahanas right up to the times of Harshavardhana.

Rise and fall of empires and reign of kings has been placed in the context of the ancient social milieu, the existing varna system, developments in science and technology, commerce and trade and the cultural legacy that shaped society.

The book takes the readers on a journey through time. Like his other books, this book too is very informative and the narrative is a compelling read. Students and those interested in knowing about India’s past do get to learn learn about empires, dynasties and the varied cultures that evolved in different geographical backgrounds over the millennia.


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India: A History

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A History, available in paperback, is a book which describes the country of India, in all its richness and glory, from times immemorial. Right from the first Harappan Civilization in the ancient times to the present day activities, this book is an attempt to paint a big picture of India to its readers.

In this book, the author speaks about the distinct features of India. This country possesses so much continuity and diversity, that it’s called a subcontinent. He describes how in spite of a common culture running through the blood of most people in India, this country has never been a single unitary state. Mainly because of the lack of unity based on religion, caste, creed and color.

India: A History also includes the countries of Bangladesh and Pakistan, which were parts of ancient India. Along with that, the status of the princely states under the British rule is also discussed. The 1947 partition of India is spoken about by the author from today’s point of view.

India as a subcontinent is described as every historian’s dream because of its rich and diverse culture. The author narrates stories regarding various historical events and people who have made a mark or contributed to the transformation of India in all these years, making the country what it is in the present day.

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Rethinking India’S Past

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Covering a long time span-from the Vedic period to twelfth century AD- this book provides an incisive account of ancient social formations.

It explores key aspects of early Indian history: political ideas and institutions economic patterns and developments social structure and practices themes like oriental despotism, position of the sudras, transition from ancient to medieval, feudalism, urban decay, and sati Integrating a rich array of historical and archaeological sources as well as anthropological and ethnographic material, this book is essential reading for students and teachers of ancient Indian history.

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History & Heritage Through Maps

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Modern India: 1885-1947: 

Modern India provides an insight into the historiography of India and its freedom struggle from the colonial era to the year of Independence.

It uses archival data from various sources and collates it with new research elements in the history of the period. As a result, it has been able to provide a critical perspective on the historical, political, social and cultural events of the time. The book is credited as one of the most widely read books on the topic and has changed our understanding of modern Indian history

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A History of the Modern World: An Outline

A History of the Modern World: An Outline is an introductory text that provides a well-rounded historical account of the processes of the modern world, ranging from the French Revolution and Napoleon to the Cold War.

The work assesses major moments and transitions in European and world history such as the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, the American Civil War, and the World Wars of the twentieth century.

One of the primary objectives of this book is to understand how revolutions, wars, dictatorships and empires have led to long-term experiments with nationalism, democracy, liberalism, human rights, socialism, sustainable development, and global peace. This book will be of use to school and university students, competitive examinees, and general readers who require a clear and concise delineation of modern world history.



The Age Of Revolution: 1789-1848 

Eric Hobsbawm traces with brilliant anlytical clarity the transformation brought about in evry sphere of European life by the Dual revolution – the 1789 French revolution and the Industrial Revolution that originated in Britain.

This enthralling and original account highlights the significant sixty years when industrial capitalism established itself in Western Europe and when Europe established the domination over the rest of the world it was to hold for half a century.

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The Age Of Capital: 1848-1875

The first and best, major treatment of the crucial years 1848-1875, a penetrating analysis of the rise of capitalism throught the world.

In the 1860s a new word entered the economic and political vocabulary of the world: ‘capitalism’. The global triumph of capitalism is the major theme of history in the decades after 1848.

It was the triumph of a society which believed that economic growth rests on competitive private enterprise, on success in buying everything in the cheapest market (including labour) and selling it in the dearest.

An economy so based, and therefore nestling naturally on the sound foundations of a bourgoisie composed of those whom energy, merit and intelligence had raised to their position and kept there, would – it was believed – not only create a world of suitably distributed material plenty but of ever-growing enlightenment, reason and human opportunity, an advance of the sciences and the arts, in brief a world of continuous and accelerating material and moral progress.

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The Age Of Empire: 1875-1914

The splendid finale to Eric Hobsbawm’s study of the nineteenth century, THE AGE OF EMPIRE covers the area of Western Imperialism and examines the forces that swept the world to the outbreak of World War One- and shaped modern society.

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Mastering Modern World History

Mastering Modern World History’ is a book which as the name suggests, deals with elaborating on the events of the modern world.

The book expands on the events that occurred in the early 20th century starting from the catastrophic events of the First World War across the modern advancements in technologies towards the end of the century.

The language and content in the book has been written in an informative and detailed manner.

The book features an immersive language style and follows a chronological pattern that will make the readers form a connection with the events of the book; and contrast them with the present scenarios.


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The Penguin History of Early India: From the Origins to AD 1300

Modern India: 1885-1947

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Modern India: 1885-1947

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A New Look at Modern Indian History: Form 1707 To The Modern Times

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A History of Medieval India

There are great amount of historical moments strung together to bring India where it is today. A slice of these events add up to make this history book by Satish Chandra.

The 1000 year period covered in this book details about the sequence of events and the empires that governed different parts of the country from the eighth to the eighteenth century.

A feudal medieval India is presented within the social context of the times that is bound to interest even lay readers, besides students of history and those appearing for competitive examinations.

The series of invasions that shook up the Indian sub-continent, an ever changing kaleidoscope of cultures, political upheavals and internal revolutions that happened during these ten centuries have been described with utmost detail in History of Medieval India.

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